It’s time to prepare for those May Flowers and don’t think that just because you live in an apartment you can’t have beautiful plants and/or flowers!

Need a little color in your life? Put some beautiful baskets or pots with colorful flowers and plants to your balcony or patio to add a little personality to your home. Not only will this provide you with color but maybe even some privacy depending on how big the plant is.



Here are some tips for putting together pots/baskets!

  • Choose the right plant!
    • Perennial or Annual?
      • Perennial flowers are those that continue to grow year after year but remain dormant through the winter.
      • Annuals are planted in the spring or summer, bloom for a season and then die.
      • Try mixing the two together!
    • Weather Conditions
      • Visit your local plant shop, they generally won’t sell plants that won’t survive your climate.
    • Containers and Soil
      • Choose a container not only for its appearance but as well as it’s drainage! Try Terra cotta it’s a porous material that has better drainage than plastic pots.
      • Choose the right soil for your plant, ask your local plant specialist if you aren’t sure what type of soil your plant needs!
    • Placement/Furniture
      • Now that you have your plants potted and ready to go it is time to place them! Try varying heights to add a little of pizzazz to your balcony.
      • Add furniture so that you and others may enjoy your creation!

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Want to grow your own herbs and vegetables?


tomato plant

  • Herbs/Vegetables
    • Try growing them in one pot: All you need is a 7 gallon pot, potting soil, a few herb plants and plenty direct sunlight.
      • Buy a large deep plant pot with a small hole in the bottom for drainage with a plastic or ceramic tray for underneath it.
      • Put your potting soil in and fill to about 3 inches from the top and add a little bit of water to moisten the soil, dig a small hole deep down and add your herb plants with several inches of room between each other and water again once finished.
      • Place your pot anywhere it will have full sun.
      • Don’t overwater only pour in a cup of water whenever leaves start to look droopy
      • If you are using the herbs for cooking make sure to cut leaves and stems off the top of the plant not the sides.

Happy Planting!