Nieman Square Apartments

It is wonderful! I love it at Nieman Square and my friends and family love coming over! I actually have a friend that asked if we have any apartments opening up soon here!



-Corinne F., current resident April 21, 2016

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"The At Home Apartments crew has been wonderful. They are very accommodating, pleasant, and on point. Always improving and auspicious, they have made living here peaceful, quite, and enjoyable."

Ahmed G.

"A great place to live! Any problems are addressed quickly. Courteous Staff. No smoking environments available."

Karen L.

"Highpointe Apartments has been my home for almost a year, and I couldn't be happier with my experience. Everything from the professionalism and quick response from the staff, cleanliness of the complex, location, and amenities, this has been a wonderful place to live!"

Kylie H.

"Been here since last August and I'm liking it! Friendly neighbors, Staff's helpful, get to live close to my pals easy walk to the gym, pool, hy vee, the works!"

Oscar E.

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August 26, 2015

About our Office Team and Apartments…

My wife and I will have lived here two years this October. We have nothing but good things to say about this place. First of all we looked at Antioch Gardens because we always loved going to the park across the street. When we were looking for a new place we first looked at the three complexes that were most close by including this one. When we were looking through this had the best price for the size of the apartment. The grounds looked well up kept and the parking sufficient. What really sold us was when we met the management staff. We have never met a more professional and customer friendly group of people. Alicia made the best first impression I have ever gotten from any apartment people. With our great first impression from Alicia combined with some of the highest ratings I have ever seen in an apartment, we were sold almost right away.

I cannot recommend At Home Apartments in general or Antioch Gardens in particular enough. It has been a joy to live here and we will be staying as long as we intend to live in an apartment and/or in the KC area.

-Terry and Andrea S., current residents August 26, 2015

About our Office Team and Apartments…

"Amanda Murphy has been super attentive and has answered any questions I've had right away! I'm very glad I chose your apartment complex, it seems to fit my lifestyle very well."

--Kylie H., current resident November 30, 2014

About our Customer Service…

"First ever time leasing an apartment and At Home has provided a sensational living experience. Could not have asked for a better company to lease my first apt from. The service, maintenance and overall customer service has been fantastic. I recommend at home apartments to anyone looking for a delightful living experience!"

- Jake H., current resident November 30, 2014

Award winning Maintenance…

I have lived in quite a few apartments over my time and have never dealt with a more professional and responsive staff. The grounds are very well kept, there is NO bug problem, and when something breaks, they fix it immediately. I highly recommend At Home Apartments to anyone looking for a comfortable living space without all of the hassle of owning your own place.

- Kevin C, current resident November 30, 2014