It’s time to bury yourself in the mess of tape, ribbons, wrapping paper and don’t forget the frustration that is gift wrapping!

To help reduce the amount of frustration here are a few wrapping tips to make your gift look beautiful with ease.

  • First, wrap your gift on a hard surface! I know it’s tempting to sit on the floor and veg out while you’re wrapping but it causes wrinkles and takes much longer!
  • Tip number two, use double sided tape! It will help decrease the sightly sores of regular scotch tape and will speed things up drastically! If you don’t have tape you can use decorative stickers instead!
  • Forgot Wrapping Paper?! Use paper bags from a grocery store and use markers, pens, or stamps to help decorate your gift and make it more festive!                enhanced-buzz-14698-1417465488-15

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Need a box but don’t have one? Follow these steps to turn a cereal box into a gift box!

Item’s needed:

  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Scissors
  • A cereal box


  1. Cut the box down the side that doesn’t have the tab on itFTEGDNQFJNELD0T.MEDIUM
  2. Fold the box in half (hot dog style) the folds don’t have to be exactFJV1RL8FJMBZISD.MEDIUM
  3. Fold the bottom half in half and cut the down the first fold on the right and leftFBAP8VFFJMBZISJ.MEDIUM
  4. Fold only the middle section of the top half in halfF3RS8X0FJMBZISB.MEDIUM
  5. Cut away what you don’t need-cuts don’t need to be exactFJ5XV17FJNELCYZ.MEDIUM
  6. Glue down the front flap                           FDADUOAFJMBZIS7.MEDIUM
  7. Glue down the sides                             F85GKJPFJMBZIS6.MEDIUM
  8. Glue the back                                                                                   FNUUYL5FJMBZIS5.MEDIUM
  9. Hooray! –You’re done gluing                        FEPHWZPFJMBZIS4.MEDIUM
  10. Fold the Lid                                               F9JPMMOFJMBZIS3.MEDIUM
  11. Finish the box by painting it, drawing on it, stickers, etc.FBCZYNSFJMBZIS2.MEDIUM

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Lose all of your gift tags? Don’t worry, you’ve got options!

  • Use the A Beautiful Mess app ($0.99) to add “to” and “from” to your own Instagram photos to transform them into print-ready gift tags!                                                                                                                                  download (4)
  • Create your own with paper and scissors
  • Draw a gift tag directly on the wrapping papers

 Feeling creative and missing ribbon or bows? Follow this step by step process to create festive bows out of magazine paper!enhanced-buzz-4544-1417554250-20


  •  Now that you’re done with the wrapping paper, store it all in one place that is not in the niches of your closet! Use a vertical gift wrap organizer ($13.99, The Container Store) or even a garment bag to reduce clutter for storage.

Happy Wrapping from Your At Home Team!

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